Sierra Land Development is an agricultural service provider that focuses on the development of agricultural land and farm infrastructure. The company was established in Sierra Leone in 2013 and is owned and managed by both indigenous and foreign partners. The customer base of Sierra Land Development consists of a combination of international businesses and local enterprises, with a diversity of crops ranging from rice to spices and palm oil.

Although Sierra Leone provides an abundance of arable land, a major share is heavily overgrown as a result of many years of neglect. Due to a lack of land development equipment, farmers are constrained to ‘slash and burn’ farming – an agricultural technique which involves cutting and burning of woodlands to create agricultural land. Land that is cleared in this way will lose its soil fertility with a declining yield as a result.

As the Minister of Agriculture remarked at the establishment of Sierra Land Development: land development is the ‘A in the ABC of agriculture’. Without proper land development, the agricultural industry cannot lift itself to the next level. Up until the establishment of Sierra Land Development, agriculture had started with ‘B’, namely primary production while the land had not been properly developed.

Sierra Land Development develops bush that was previously slashed and burned, transforming it into agricultural land in a sustainable way. With its high-tech equipment including GPS guided mulchers, stumpgrinders, bulldozers, ploughs and harrows, Sierra Land Development is an enabler for Sierra Leone’s agricultural industry and food security.