Genesis Farms

Sierra Land Development originated as a spin-off from its sister company Genesis Farms. Genesis Farms was established in Sierra Leone in 2008 and produces seed rice for the domestic market.

Bengal Agro

Sierra Land Development has developed nearly 200 hectares of agricultural land for Bengal Agro – a Bangladeshi company that is establishing organic turmeric production in the Lunsar area.

Lion Mountains

Lion Mountains focuses on large-scale, mechanised production and processing of rice in the Bo District. The company has engaged Sierra Land Development for their land preparation, which has resulted in the development of hundreds of hectares of farm land.

Geoff Palm

Sierra Land Development has performed various land development activities for Geoff Palm, a palm oil plantation in the Port Loko District. This includes the development of a palm seedlings nursery and a pilot with mulching of planting rows.


During the Ebola crisis in 2015, Sierra Land Development started providing land development services to 44 smallholder farmers. Initially this was a way for Sierra Land Development to keep its equipment engaged during the crisis while providing a valuable service to smallholders at cost price.

The results for the smallholder farmers have been exceptional with much higher yields compared to traditional manual land preparation. As a result of this, Sierra Land Development has invested in another tractor and a much improved plough for land development at smallholder farms.